Dream League Soccer Kit

If you play dream league soccer and you are a soccer fan, then you will need a full kit and a logo for soccer dream league. Here you will find all the URL and the .png 512 x 512 images you need to look like the blaugranas.

How to install Dream League Soccer 2018 Kits?

  • Copy one of the URLs (just one) we have provided you before. So choose one of the kits or the logo URL to start
  • In DLS, go to edit team & edit logo section and in the download tab paste the URL you have chosen to start.
  • Save
  • Install the rest of the .png images repeating the same steps.

And done, with the Barcelona Kits Dream League Soccer 2018 you have everything you need to customize your team as the blaugranas.

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Tips and Tricks for Dream League Soccer 2018:

Attacking Play:

You should start your game in attacking mode to win because your opponent will do the same. It is very difficult to take the ball from your opponent in this game.

Shooting from outside is also a waste of time because it is very hard to goal from the outside the penalty area. You should use long shots to pass your teammates.

Play with 10 or fewer players:

You won’t play with 10 men that frequently in the event that you don’t run lurching in with handles from behind. In any case, you will most likely need to reshuffle your group when one of your players gets sent off. On the off chance that a protector goes off, substitute a forward with a substitution safeguard to guarantee that you don’t have any hole left with all due respect.


Players, not developments, win matches. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean the development you select won’t give you a superior possibility. The 4-4-2 probably won’t be extremely unique, however, it’s a very much adjusted arrangement that heaps of genuine football sides play with. With three advances in advance, you may score more objectives with the 4-3-3 or 3-4-3. In case you’re yielding heaps of objectives, at that point, the 5-3-2 or 5-2-1-2 may decrease the number of objectives scored against your group.

Presently you can go up against the world in Dream League Soccer 2018! Winning associations in single player mode isn’t generally that precarious when you have a solid squad, however getting to the main division in multiplayer mode is a radical new ball game. Good fortunes!

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